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Value Proposition
Telecom network and the Internet are the two main communication networks used by businesses and people around the globe. Each network has its own characteristics which attain better result on one application or the other. Telecom network for example has superb mobility, availability for voice and short message communications while the Internet provides the better medium for data communications and content sharing.
CL!CK enables services that utilizes the better characteristics of the two networks and achieves enhanced communication experience and features not obvious on the networks. It also provides a bridge between the two networks so as to enable better and more effective communications for their users.
Our Background
CL!CK services begin operation in 2006. It is hosted by WSI Laboratory Pte Ltd, specialist in developing and providing voice and messaging solutions. The company is a private limited company registered in Singapore who has client from mobile operators, government ministry and enterprises.
Our commitment
We are committed to our clients in providing quality services while evolving new innovative and beneficial product and services. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction!