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CL!CK@Me plan offers service packages for individuals to safely communicate and socialise on the Internet while maintaining his anonymity and keeping his phone number private.

CL!CK@Me is for
Social networking portal
CL!CK@Me service packages and pricing
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CL!CK@Me services and features

Services Description CL!CK@Me CL!CK@Business CL!CK@CallCenter
CL!CK Fone
SMS Chat
CL!CK Conference Audio Conference
CL!CK Broadcast
SMS Broadcasting
Email Broadcasting
CL!CK SMSPoll SMS broadcasting and auto-collate SMS responses
CL!CK Messenger
Features Description CL!CK@Me CL!CK@Business CL!CK@CallCenter
Caller Pays Subscriber can only receives call and SMS from another subscriber. The calling subscriber pays.    
Toll-free call/SMS Subscriber is paying for the call and SMS from the caller. Caller need not be a subscriber and he gets free call or SMS.
Business Card Business card contains private information such as company logo, personal name and contact addresses. Subscriber can decide whether business card is made public or not.    
Multi-User Each user having its own CL!CK button and account but they share facility such as phone book, call/SMS block list, charging account and etc.  
Customized Banners The top and bottom banner of the CL!CK button's pop-up window is customizable by the subscriber, allowing a unique and personalized interface.  
CL!CK@Me provides the following benefits:

Make Phone Number Private

No need to publish your phone number on the Internet and yet allowing people there to reach you by call or SMS.

Remain Contactable while Offline

People on the Internet can still reach you on your phone when you are offline.

Communicate with Offline Friends

You may set up a call or a SMS chat session with your friends on their phone when they are offline.

Caller Filtering

You may block call or SMS from undesired Internet user and upkeep your privacy.

Multi-party Voice Chat

You can conveniently over the web set up a multi-party voice chat with anyone in your socialising circle.