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How you enable CL!CK?
Sign up a CL!CK@Me service package.
Place your CL!CK button on your personal web site or email.

People visiting your website or your email recipients can click on the button to contact you via phone calls or SMS.

You can also login to your CL!CK account to make call or send SMS to your circle of friends.
You can view your call/SMS usage, charges and history on our CL!CK portal.
How CL!CK benefits you:

Remain anonymous on the web and keep your phone number private.

Change your contact number at anytime without the need to update your website or your friends.

Save on roaming charges by using CL!CK to forward calls to your oversea numbers or send SMS home.

Enjoy other ways of keeping in touch with your friends like call conferencing and SMS broadcasting.

Remain contactable even when offline.