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CL!CK Services
CL!CK is providing enhanced communication services for the users in the Internet and Telecom networks. CLICK has call, SMS, email messaging, instant messaging and audio conference services. These services leverage on the existing communication infrastructure and derive new service features that bring convenient and benefits to the users, such as:
provide anonymity of phone number and email on the Internet.
make or receive call by name, not phone number.
remain mobile and contactable even when not on the Internet.
web-controlled SMS, email messaging, call and conference services.
All services are provided via our CLICK web portal at www.myclick.com.sg. Subscribers do not need to install any software or purchase any hardware.
CL!CK encompasses several communication services:
CL!CK Fone - provides call connecting service.
CL!CK SMS - provides SMS messaging service.
CL!CK Conference - provides audio conference service.
CL!CK Broadcast - provides one-way SMS broadcasting and email broadcasting service.
CL!CK SMSPoll - provides SMS broadcasting service with collating of SMS replies.
CL!CK Messsenger - provides instant messaging and anonymous email messaging services.
CL!CK is designed for both businesses and individuals. Select one of the following links to see how it can benefit you.
Personal Internet user who has a personal web site or personal profile online.
Corporate/Enterprises Company who publishes profile and product/services online.
Property Agent Housing agency or agent who publishes their property listing on the web.
Call Center Call center providing services for their customers including Internet users.
Online Store Online stores who provide products and services for Internet consumers.
Advertiser/Publisher Publisher or media who has advertising space or classified advertisement services.
Online Directory Service directory on the Internet providing profile listing and marketing for their sponsors.
Social Networking Portal Online networks providing personalized membership services or dating services.
Sign up one of the CL!CK service packages to get connected!
CL!CK@Me - tailored for individuals.
CL!CK@Business - tailored for corporate, businesses and SME.
CL!CK@CallCenter - tailored for call center application.