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What is CL!CK SMSPoll?

CL!CK SMSPoll is a 2-way SMS messaging services. It allows you to do a mass-announcement using SMS broadcasting and at the same time help you collate the replies from the recipients. You have full control over the SMS content, the reply keywords (up to 5) and the poll duration (in days). You do the SMS broadcasting, view the poll result and read the reply message from each recipient all conveniently over our CL!CK portal.

How CL!CK SMSPoll works?
Charging: Subscriber pays for the SMS sent to each destination. No charge for receiving and collating SMS replies.
Login to your CL!CK account and select CL!CK SMSPoll->Create Poll menu.

Submit a SMS poll with your SMS message, polling keywords (e.g. yes, no, ok), poll duration (e.g. 5 days) and recipients list.

Select CL!CK SMS Poll->Poll History menu and [Summary] link to view the SMS broadcasting progress and SMS poll result.